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1 July 2011

A lesson on realistic expectations

Marilyn Stowe, a well known family law solicitor and blogger has recounted a tale illustrating the need for realism in your expectations in a settlement:
"My client had insisted on instructing me and had travelled some way to do so. However I couldn’t do anything to please her. Her expectations of the likely financial settlement were wildly unrealistic, and I knew that I could never hope to satisfy them.
Then I had an idea! I suggested we went to see Counsel, to take advice from the top man in the country (which he was at that time – with a hardline reputation to boot) and get his opinion.
The train journey to London was 2.5 hours. The conference lasted 10 minutes…
“Do you mean to say that generally speaking -” began my client, aghast that Peter Singer QC had agreed with me.
“Madam, there is no such thing as ‘generally speaking’”, said the august Queen’s Counsel. “We are speaking of you!”
The client gulped and barely uttered another word. Somehow I remained perfectly expressionless.
Job done, I went back to Yorkshire and settled the case."