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23 August 2011

All of a sudden it's not "for richer for poorer"

A recent divorce case has set an unusual example, which goes against received wisdom for anyone from outside the industry, in deciding that a husband can keep a substantial amount of the money he inherited from his father.

The couple had been married for 25 years but his lawyers argued that the "sharing principle", (which basically means that assets are shared 50/50 unless there is a good reason not to) should not apply in this case as most of their money had come from the inheritance and had not been generated from the marriage. To have handed the wife a slice of that money would have been an "invasion" of the father's fortune. The judge agreed - to the surprise of many no doubt.

This is a classic example of the court's powers and highlights the benefits of up to date legal advice, based on your own individual circumstances, when sorting out your finances. That is exactly what we provide at Intelligent Divorce - but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional routes. It is also the sort of advice you cannot get from the other online divorce providers, who can help you with paperwork but not provide advice.