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19 January 2012

Help for people divorcing - in a box...

Mahie Abey
Divorce in a box is the brainchild of Suzy Miller, the woman behind the Starting Over Show. When I first heard of this through my collaborative law pod (a group of local lawyers who practice collaborative law) I was intrigued and wondered what it was all about.

Divorce in a box is exactly what it says it is: a box, albeit a pretty one that comes wrapped in ribbon. Inside though are valuable tools to help you through your divorce. There are 3 booklets entitled “every journey needs a good map”  “the nitty gritty legal and financial” and “starting over wellbeing and parenting”. Each of these is very well researched and accurate, and is written in a friendly easy-to-understand style that does not patronise. The message is – you are not alone and we are here to help you help yourself.

 However what I think makes the box really useful is that it contains a series of vouchers which give you taster sessions with various divorce professionals in your area including lawyers, counsellors, parenting coaches, IFAs - a great idea having these resources freely available. One of the most intimidating things about getting divorced is not knowing how to access all the information and help you need. This voucher pack is brilliant for that as all the services you are likely to need are there and accessible in a non-threatening and initially free way. Of course after that taster you will have to pay for the professional services you access but at least you won’t whilst you find out what is there and if it is right for you.

The box also contains a CD which contains a range of useful material from advice on how to be a litigant in person to the difficulties of parenting through a separation.

The information provided is geared towards staying out of Court, and managing your divorce in an effective but amicable way. That message is very much the right one in my view, and captures what I believe to be the mood of the times so far as ordinary people going through this horrible process are concerned. There generally is no benefit to you, your children or indeed your ex-partner in conducting your divorce in a litigious and aggressive way. If you do it is only the lawyers who will be winners. An old cliché I know, but like many old clichés too true.

I think Divorce in a box is a wonderful idea and think that a box should be given free to every person going through a divorce in this country. Until then it costs £40 - which as anyone who has been divorced will tell you is practically free in divorce currency.