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25 January 2012

The really useful divorce site guide (no 3): Divorce Aid

Set up in 1999, Divorce Aid is now one of the most popular divorce sites in the UK, visited by thousands of people in need of divorce advice each week. A group of respected family lawyers and therapists have provided the information, with the stated aim: ‘Whatever your situation and wherever you are, we hope to provide divorce advice, support and information on any matter concerning you.’ We think they’ve achieved their objective very well.

The information on the site is split into 3 main areas: ‘Your family’, ‘Legal info’ and ‘Financial info’.

The ‘Your family’ section has separate areas designed for children, teenagers and parents (including how to help children through the process, and maintaining contact with both parents). Each area offers targeted advice and help – with links to people to talk to and websites, leaflets to download and a list of useful books.

We were especially struck by the section aimed at children whose parents are divorcing, which offers crucial advice in a warm and friendly tone – for example, this, taken from the site:

Remember this: You are still a family
No-one can change this.
The most important things stay the same.
You are loved and cared for.
You love your parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and all your friends.
Some things may make you sad now, but this will change as you get used to things. You will be happy again.

The legal section on Divorce Aid contains a raft of sound advice, including choosing a solicitor, the rules on qualifying for legal aid, details of the legal process and the Court’s role, and the legal definitions of domestic violence. Whilst the bulk of the information relates to the position in England and Wales, there are specific sections for Scotland and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The section on finances and divorce again has lots of useful and accurate advice – for example the section on child support and the available options. There’s also a good section on the importance of drawing up a budget (i.e. a list of your income needs) when you are getting divorced, and a basic template is provided for you to follow. The further help section here gives benefits information and useful links.

Divorce Aid also features a summary of  the latest divorce and separation articles found on the web, with links, which is updated daily.

All in all we think this is a site with masses of useful help and articles - definitely worth a visit from anyone starting, or in the throes of, the divorce process.