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"I would like to let you know that I found your website so invaluable in my divorce process. I am having to represent myself due to lack of finances and I know for a fact I wouldn't have been able to do it had it not been for your fantastic website. I would recommend it to anyone who find themselves in a similar situation to me." Madeleine

25 February 2013

Intelligent Divorce is launching officially today!

We’re really pleased to be officially launching Intelligent Divorce today, following our ‘soft launch’ and having refined and tweaked a few (not as many as we thought!) bits and pieces. We are now ‘hard launching’ the site, to meet demand as April’s forthcoming cuts to family legal aid take effect. Here’s some detail from today's press release! 

New service Intelligent Divorce launches to enable couples
to agree a divorce settlement swiftly and cost effectively

Cuts to legal aid from April 2013 will mean most divorcing couples will need to seek alternatives to the lengthy and costly court process to resolve their finances.  New service Intelligent Divorce offers couples a fast and cost effective solution with the unique reassurance of expert legal advice from specialist barristers. 

Divorce is a process that a large number of people have to face each year; there are an average of 120,000 divorces annually in England and Wales and 42% of marriages end in divorce.  Intelligent Divorce allows couples who are still communicating with each other to take control of their own divorce settlement, avoid the lengthy and often traumatic court process and save on unnecessary solicitors’ fees.  Resolving finances through the service can take as little as two months, is fixed cost, significantly cheaper than alternative routes and should provide more equitable outcomes.

The Intelligent Divorce process guides couples to a legally binding arrangement, unlike the many unregulated “quickie divorce” offerings available which handle only the divorce paperwork and so could leave individuals with an unsecure financial future.  Moreover Intelligent Divorce means couples are spared negotiating the complex court process themselves and facing lengthy delays in the already overburdened court system. 

Amanda Brown and her ex-husband used Intelligent Divorce to finalise their divorce agreement.  Amanda said:

 "We didn't have the money to spend on solicitors or court fees to negotiate our divorce, and we wouldn't have known where to start.  Intelligent Divorce guided us through every step of the process and professional, friendly help was at the end of a phone line. The fixed cost was very reasonable compared to the alternatives and the whole process only took two months from start to finish. We avoided stressful court hearings whilst still getting advice from an expert barrister so we could reach a fair, legally binding agreement."

The cost for an individual to obtain bespoke legal advice from a barrister about their case (the ‘solo’ service) is fixed at £599 (plus VAT).  The co-operative service is fixed at £998 (plus VAT) for a couple, so £499 each.

Intelligent Divorce was founded by leading family lawyers Mahie Abey and James Roberts, with publisher Melissa Chapman.  Mahie Abey says:

“In a divorce, people automatically approach a solicitor for assistance and set off down a path where costs can spiral, court cases can drag on and stress levels can rise.  Intelligent Divorce puts clients back in charge thanks to a fixed cost and a straightforward, speedy process.  Timescales can be reduced dramatically; from around a year if the couple go to court, to just two months to complete the process via our service.”