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28 February 2013

Legal watchdog says they get most complaints about family lawyers

There’s a (perhaps slightly sensationalist?) story on the front page of the Metro today, headlined ‘Cut-throat lawyers are milking vulnerable divorcing couples for tens of thousands of pounds, watchdogs are warning.’

The article continues ‘One firm charged a desperate wife £4,000 for photocopying and tried to bury the figure in a swathe of confusing paperwork. When her bill came in at £15,000 over budget, the lawyers demanded she take out a loan to cover the costs.’

You can read the full article here.

The story is based on a new report published by the watchdog body The Legal Ombudsman, who said that family law accounted for around 18% of the 7,500 or so complaints they handled in 2011-2012 - making it the most complained about area of law.

The Legal Ombudsman says their new report aims to explore some of the issues that give rise to the higher levels of dissatisfaction in this area of law and looks at how lawyers and consumers can prevent and respond to these issues.

You can read the report and their consumer guide, Using A Divorce Lawyer: Ten Useful Tips, here.

Two of our three co-founders (Mahie Abey and James Roberts) are experienced and highly-regarded family lawyers – and we firmly believe that the majority of family lawyers do their best for their clients.

However, there are many cases where the traditional way of resolving finances, with solicitors appointed on both sides who need to carry out the disclosure process in a prescribed way, leads to costs being higher than they need to be.

This is why we launched Intelligent Divorce, and why we believe in the process we have come up with so passionately.