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26 February 2013

Majority of non-resident parents paying child support

The Child Support Agency has published statistics for the last quarter of 2012. At the end of December 2012, the CSA live and assessed caseload stood at 1.12 million. In that quarter, 79.5% of all cases in which maintenance was due had either received maintenance via the CSA collection service, or had a maintenance direct arrangement in place, reports Family Law Week.

In the quarter to December 2012, maintenance had been collected or arranged by the CSA via the statutory maintenance service on behalf of 902,500 children. For that period the CSA collected or arranged £307.4m in child maintenance (regular and arrears), of which £28.1m was arrears. In the year to December 2012, the CSA collected or arranged £1,214.9m in child maintenance (regular and arrears), of which £112.4m was arrears.

Outstanding child maintenance arrears have increased from £3.814bn in September 2012 to £3.837bn in December 2012.

88.6% of intake received in September 2012 was cleared within 12 weeks. 94.9% of intake received in July 2012 was cleared within 18 weeks.

Uncleared work has decreased by 3,100 to 13,900. This represents a decrease of 18.2% since September 2012. In December 2012, 89.6% of the telephone calls received were answered within 60 seconds.

The statistics can be accessed here.