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15 February 2013

Shelter claims recession leaves 3.6 million separated couples living together

The crippling cost of renting or buying a home is forcing couples to stay living together after they have separated, a study reveals, reports The Daily Mail.

The report, from housing charity Shelter, found that 3.6 million people have been forced to continue living with a partner over the past year because they could not afford to move out of their shared home.

One separated couple with two children told Shelter they had to continue sharing a double bed because they could not afford to buy two single beds and had no spare room.

The study also found that millions of couples are moving in together ‘too soon’ for financial, rather than emotional, reasons.

Over the past year, two million people admit to moving in prematurely ‘because they could not afford to live apart’.

The report comes at a time when it costs £163,000 to buy the average home in Britain and the and the monthly rental bill is £734, close to an all-time high.

Shelter warns that couples of all ages are having to take the plunge of moving in together far sooner than they want. Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb said: ‘It shows the extraordinary impact that the cost of housing is having on people’s lives and relationships.

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