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22 April 2013

Ex-wives on The Sunday Times' Rich List

Divorce has paid well for several women in Britain whose settlements have seen them walk from court with hundreds of millions of pounds, reports The Daily Mail.
Slavica Ecclestone topped The Sunday Times’  Rich List in the ‘richest divorcees’ category after she was awarded an estimated £740million in 2009 in her divorce from Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone when their 23-year marriage ended on the grounds of his ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

Coming in second was Irina Malandina who walked away with a reported £155million in 2007 from her divorce to Russian Roman Abramovich, one of the richest men in the world, after 16 years of marriage and five children together.

The top of the list looks like this:

Slavica Ecclestone: £740million after divorcing Bernie Ecclestone in 2009
Irina Malandina: £155million after divorcing Roman Abramovich in 2007
Diana Jenkins: £150million after divorcing Roger Jenkins in 2011.
Galina Besharova: £100million after divorcing Boris Berezovsky in 2011.
Beverley Charman: £48million after divorcing John Charman.
Sally Croker-Poole: £40million after divorcing Aga Khan in 1994

Ayesha Vardag from Vardags told The Sunday Times: ‘In England today, the single easiest way for an attractive woman to make her fortune is to marry a very rich man and then divorce him a few years later, preferably after having a child.’

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