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3 April 2013

Removal of family legal aid sparks warnings

Solicitors have warned that people may start "taking the law into their own hands" as a result of changes made to legal aid in England and Wales, reports the BBC.

The changes which came into force on Easter Monday 2013 see public funding removed from entire areas of civil law, including some family cases.

The warning comes from the Law Society, which represents solicitors. Barristers have also expressed concern.

The government says it is safeguarding legal aid for those who really need it.

Ministers want to reduce the government's £2.2bn legal aid bill by £350m.

The reforms are being made in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LAPSO).

Areas which will no longer qualify for funding include family cases where couples are divorcing and sorting out living arrangements for their children, unless there is proven domestic violence.

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