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18 June 2013

New video on YouTube ‘celebrates the role of both parents in separated families’

The Department of Work and Pensions have released a new video ‘celebrating the positive role that both parents in a separated family can play in a child’s upbringing’.

The short film, which has the backing of leading parent groups, has been launched by the government on YouTube. It tells the story of a young boy growing up and shows the value for him of having both parents in his life, even though they are separated.

Work and Pensions Minister Steve Webb said:
‘We know how tough it can be when a relationship breaks down. Our video recognises the role both parents can play in a child’s life, even if they are no longer together. Most people agree children are better off when both parents manage to put aside their own differences, and the reward will last a lifetime.’
Jerry Karlin, Chair of Families Need Fathers, said:
‘From before his first ride on a bike and passing his exams, through to his first day at work and first home, this video shows the real value of separated parents cooperating and working together to ensure children’s wellbeing and happiness.’
Julia McGinley, Head of Support at Netmums, said:
‘Sometimes it’s difficult for mum and dad to be together, but even though they are no longer in a relationship they can still work together to support their child. Dads have a hugely valuable role to play in children’s upbringing’
Research by You Gov shows sixty per cent of separated parents turn to their own parents for support after a break up.

Geraldine Bedell, from Gransnet, the social networking site for grandparents, said:
‘Gransnetters know how important it is to keep both parents involved in children’s lives wherever possible, as grandparents are so often the ones encouraging parents to collaborate. This video is a positive reminder of how family life can still function if mums and dads pull together for their child even if they’re no longer in a relationship.’