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10 September 2013

Judge refuses to allow husband and wife to rekindle their marriage

A judge has refused to allow husband and wife to rekindle their marriage despite them both pleading for a restraining order to be lifted, saying they must first prove they can get on over the phone, reports The Telegraph.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said that he was “uncomfortable” standing between Natalie Nash, 23, and her husband Daniel, 24, but he feared for her safety in the future.

Instead the seven year order, which was imposed in November 2010 after Nash admitted a series of offences against his wife, will stay in place for at least six months to give the couple time to prove that they can get along.

Judge Tabor said: “It is a difficult task for a judge to stand between a man and wife. They are joined together in wedlock and they want, apparently, to get back together again.

“For a judge to stand between them is, frankly, uncomfortable. But I have responsibilities towards her to ensure she is protected and not hurt in the future.”

During her evidence at Gloucester Crown Court Mrs Nash said she believed her husband had “learnt his lesson” and would not hit her any more.

Judge Tabor relaxed the order by allowing them to communicate with each other by phone, text or other electronic means but not to meet.

They could talk to each other that way until April next year when he would reconsider the application if “their ardour remains and they still wish to resume their relationship”, he said.

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