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10 September 2013

Judges 'favour badly behaved wives', says spurned husband

A property developer whose wife left him for the footballer Cesc Fabregas has accused British judges of favouring “badly behaved” wives as he expressed exasperation over his divorce settlement, reports The Telegraph.

Elie Taktouk, who had two children with Daniella Semaan during 12 years of marriage, was livid when the courts allowed the former Arsenal player to buy Mr Taktouk’s former family home in London. He claimed the price was £2  million less than its true value.

The property was put up for sale as part of the divorce proceedings. Mr Taktouk had wanted to sell it for £7.5 million, but had to accept £5.5  million from a company set up by Fabregas.

“They are not interested if you are right or wrong,” Mr Taktouk said. “They are just trying to protect the woman. They protect the badly behaved ones, not the well behaved ones who are dedicated to their work, family or life — they don’t get anything. It’s the one who sits at home all day [who is favoured].”

Miss Semaan, 38, who is Lebanese, split from her husband in 2011, months after she was seen on holiday with the Barcelona player. She had a baby with Fabregas in April.

The High Court ordered Mr Taktouk to sell the couple’s Grade II-listed flat in Belgravia to provide £1.4 million for his ex-wife to buy a home.

The sale of the property was put into Miss Semaan’s hands and she accepted an offer of £5.5 million from Fabregas.

Mr Taktouk tried to block the sale, saying he had interested parties willing to pay £7.5 million, but in July the Court of Appeal rejected the application.

Speaking for the first time since the ruling, Mr Taktouk, 38, told the Evening Standard that the court told him how to sell the house and at what price.

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