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Take the blame out of divorce says top judge
No-fault divorce should be introduced to help women who are "trapped in a loveless marriage", Britain's top family judge has suggested

Pilot scheme testing online divorce applications expands
The government has announced it is piloting a fully online divorce application process across England and Wales which it hopes will make the process less stressful for families.

Russian billionaire's ex-wife seeks record UK divorce payout

A Russian billionaire who was ordered to pay £453m to his former wife in what is believed to be Britain’s biggest divorce case was named at the high court on Wednesday as Farkhad Akhmedov.

Judge calls rich couple's divorce battle 'a waste of time'
A divorce battle between a couple who have spent almost £2m on lawyers’ fees while fighting over assets worth £6.6m at most, has been described as a “scandalous waste of court time”.

85% of parents with a family-based child maintenance arrangement say it works well
DWP release figures for child maintenance arrangements made after speaking to Child Maintenance Options.
Divorced women are missing out on £5bn in pension payments every year
Seven in ten couples do not consider pensions during divorce proceedings, leaving women short-changed by £5bn every year, according to new Scottish Widows research.

Government announces clampdown on child maintenance cheats
New powers to stop parents avoiding paying child maintenance that they owe have been announced.

Divorce law in England and Wales ‘increases conflict and suffering for separating couples and their children’
New research published by the Nuffield Foundation shows that divorce law in England and Wales is incentivising people to exaggerate claims of ‘behaviour’ or adultery to get a quicker divorce.

Divorce knocks more than £3,000 a year off expected retirement incomes
Divorcees planning to retire this year expect annual retirement incomes of up to 16 per cent, or £3,000, lower than those who have never divorced, and they are also more likely to be in debt, according to new research from Prudential.

Single parent charity welcomes MPs’ findings on child maintenance system
Gingerbread welcomes the findings in the Work and Pensions select committee’s new report on the failings of the current child maintenance system.

Judge condemns laws as millionaire pays £7 a week in child support
New child support rules can lead to rich parents paying "pitiful" sums or nothing and should be reconsidered by ministers, a High Court judge has said.

Government rebuffs latest calls for no-fault divorce
Widespread calls to reform divorce laws appear to be falling on deaf ears after the government confirmed it has no current plans to change existing legislation.

Judge says divorcees don't need to afford lifestyle they were accustomed to in marriage
Divorcees do not need to be able to afford the lifestyle they were accustomed to in marriage, a Court of Appeal judge has suggested as he rejected an ex-wife’s bid to increase her settlement.

Woman seeks to end 39-year marriage after judge refused to grant divorce
A 65-year-old woman who wants to divorce her husband of nearly 40 years staged an “extraordinarily unusual” Valentine’s Day court fight.

Cafcass head says divorced parents who pit children against former partners are 'guilty of abuse'
Divorced parents who "brainwash" their children against ex-partners are guilty of “abuse”, the head of the agency that looks after youngsters' interests in family courts has said. 

Government's online divorce petition may be completed by the end of this summer 
Lawyers should remain patient over the planned introduction of online divorce proceedings, a family specialist has said, as the government prepares a pilot project to streamline the separation process.

Millionaire seeks greater share in divorce because he is a 'genius'
When Oscar Wilde reputedly told a US customs official that he had nothing to declare but his genius, he was, it is assumed, joking. 

Latest official figures show divorce rate continues to fall
The number of people divorcing in England and Wales decreased by 3.1 per cent in 2014, according to the latest statistical bulletin published in December 2016 from the Office for National Statistics

Older divorcees could be affected by Autumn Statement pension changes
Divorcees could be affected by proposals announced in the Autumn Statement that the Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA) will be cut from £10,000 pa to £4,000 pa.

Brexit may be final straw for some couples, say divorce lawyers
The stress of Brexit is adding to pressure on couples on the brink of divorce, according to the head of the UK’s largest family law organisation.

Civil partner wins appeal against estate of former partner who hid assets
A woman who discovered that her civil partner, who died intestate in 2013, had hidden business assets worth millions of pounds during the dissolution of their relationship has succeeded in the Court of Appeal as she seeks to set aside the original settlement

Leading family lawyer calls for action on 'endemic' court delays
The government needs to take urgent action to secure the viability and sustainability of the family courts in response to the rising number of litigants and a sharp decline in funding, a leading family lawyer has said.

17 months 26 days - that’s the average length of time it takes to finalise a divorce in the UK, according to the ONS. Using the Intelligent Divorce co-operative service people are currently resolving their finances and the divorce itself within 6 to 8 months.

Britain's biggest divorce': restaurant owner Richard Caring 'faces £350m bill'
A restaurant tycoon’s wife could be in line for £350 million in one of Britain’s biggest divorces after 'her husband left her and moved in with' a Brazilian woman half her age. 

Commons Library publishes briefing paper on no fault divorce
The House of Commons Library has published a briefing paper considering the current basis for divorce and arguments for and against the introduction of no fault divorce,

Civil partner takes dissolution battle to Court of Appeal
A woman who discovered that her civil partner, who died in 2013, appeared to have hidden assets worth millions of pounds in business assets during the dissolution of their relationship hopes to ask the Court of Appeal to set aside the original 'unfair' settlement.

Ex-model wins £75m divorce settlement from Saudi billionaire
A former Pirelli calendar model has won a £75m divorce settlement from her billionaire Saudi ex-husband after arguing in the high court that she had to meet her “reasonable needs”.

Barristers' organisation says Brexit risks ‘disruption and confusion’ in family law
A UK exit from the EU would risk ‘disruption and confusion’ in family law, at a time when family courts would find it difficult to cope, a report from the Bar Council claims.

Divorce cash demands of Saudi billionaire's ex-wife 'extraordinary'
The divorce cash demands of the ex-wife of a Saudi billionaire "are firmly in 'gasp' territory", a judge has heard.

Top 10 reasons divorce petitions are returned as incorrect or incomplete
The most common reasons for divorce petitions being returned by Divorce Centres have been revealed by Resolution, the national association for family law solicitors.

Court takes stand against 'divorce tourism' in case of millionaire barrister and artist ex-wife
An Appeal Court judge has taken a stand on so-called 'divorce tourism' in a dispute between a millionaire QC and his former wife who agreed a settlement in Australia. 

34% increase in divorce court fees, from £410 to £550
The Ministry of Justice announced a 34% hike in divorce fees, which took effect from 21st March 2016, despite strong opposition from family lawyers.

Divorcee wins 90 per cent of husband's wealth in bitter court battle
A businesswoman who dumped her career to become a "conventional housewife" has had the last laugh on her "high-earning" ex-husband - after being left with the whole of their family fortune by a divorce judge.

Bill for ‘No fault divorce' to be presented in next Parliamentary session
The No Fault Divorce Bill, the Private Members' Bill sponsored by Richard Bacon MP, will be presented again in the next session of Parliament.

A bad budget for children, say children’s charities
Last Wednesday's budget, which the Chancellor of the Exchequer had described as a 'budget for the next generation' has drawn criticism from charities supporting children.

Big money divorce case secrecy row could trigger appeals, warns judge
Couples involved in multi-million pound divorce settlements who have seen details of their private lives and wealth widely publicised as part of a drive to open the courts might have grounds for a legal challenge.

New arrangements for state pension sharing on divorce
The Department for Work and Pensions has published an information note which explains how the new arrangements for State Pension sharing will affect people who reach State Pension age from 6 April 2016.

Judge rules £200k a year is 'appropriate' provision for Arab royal's son
A ‘super-rich’ senior member of a Middle Eastern Royal Family has won the latest round of a family court cash fight with the mother of a seven-year-old son he has never seen.

Building society eases mortgage rules for divorcees
Ipswich Building Society has announced that all of its residential mortgages will be available to divorcees with 100% of the income from child maintenance taken into account when assessing affordability, provided it is supported by the Child Support Agency or court order.

Divorce inquiries predicted to rise more than 300% in January
’Tis the season to be jolly before filing for divorce, according to new research predicting an increase in divorce inquiries of more than 300% during January.

New mediation resources for separating families published by Ministry of Justice
Following on from previous materials made available for separating families, that the Ministry of Justice has this week published further information concerning family mediation and support for families during the separation process.

UK civil partnerships on the decline 10 years after first ceremony
The number of people entering into civil partnerships in the UK has fallen dramatically since the introduction of equal marriage in March 2014, figures reveal.

Multi-millionaire Slovenian businessman sued for maintenance by 'divorce tourist' ex-wife
An oil mogul worth around £48 million is now being sued by his ex-wife for spousal maintenance despite their marriage being 'dissolved' by a Slovenian court in 2011.

Wife wins divorce court battle against husband over £25m tiger charity
The ex-wife of a tiger-loving tycoon who claims he 'spirited away tens of millions of pounds and left her bereft' was today victorious in an Appeal Court rumble over their divorce.

Husband to argue that 30-year marriage should be nullified because his wife is a bigamist
A husband has been given the go-ahead to argue that his marriage should be nullified on the grounds that his wife is a bigamist. 

Judge lambasts ‘abysmal’ litigant in person and makes him pay costs of £150,000
In Veluppillai v Veluppillai [2015] EWHC 3095 (Fam) Mr Justice Mostyn has described the conduct of a husband conducting his own case as 'abysmal'.

'Well-known' footballer wins High Court battle to reduce child maintenance payments
The unnamed player is in his early 30s and has two children aged 10 and five by different mothers.

Law Society says court closures will inhibit access to justice
The Law Society has responded to a Ministry of Justice consultation on proposals to close 91 courts and tribunals, which is one fifth of courts and tribunals across England and Wales, and integrate or merge 31 more.

Gallagher-Appleton divorce triggers dispute over family court reporting
The courtroom divorce battle between Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton has triggered a landmark legal dispute over what can be reported in the public’s interest from the family courts.

Family lawyers’ organisation asks members to participate in research into no fault divorce
Resolution has invited its members to take part in a major two-year study exploring how the current law on the ground for divorce and civil partnership dissolution operates in practice.

Husband ordered to pay £334,000 costs after ‘blatant dishonesty’
A High Court judge has made clear that his costs judgment against a dishonest party should act as a deterrent to others considering deceiving the court.

North-south divide in how divorces are heard forces wives to seek justice in London
An unofficial north-south divide in how divorces are arranged is driving growing numbers of wives to have their cases heard in London in the hope of obtaining more favourable settlements.

Wife who made £2m home into 'fortress' after divorce is told to 'move on' by judge
A wife who turned her £2 million home into a “fortress” after her husband divorced her has been ordered to “move on” by an Appeal Court judge.

Separating couples ‘giving up on courts’ due to firm closures
Firm closures as a result of legal aid cuts are leaving separating parents without access to legal advice, with many giving up on settling disputes through the courts, family lawyers have warned.

New figures reveal divorce and cohabitation trends over last 12 years
Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show the marital status and living arrangements of people aged 16 and over in England and Wales from 2002 to 2014.

Multi-millionaire businessman loses latest stage in divorce battle
An oil tycoon is facing the prospect of jail after failing to pay his ex-wife more than £360,000 in unpaid maintenance after the Court of Appeal upheld a decision from the High Court.

UK lawyers to help give children a voice during family separation
Family lawyers and mediators across the country are joining forces with UK charity Kids in the Middle to offer valuable support to children experiencing a family break-up.

People having ‘more money for lawyers’ triggers jump in reopened divorce cases
The number of people returning to the courts to boost their divorce settlements doubled last year – partly because there is more money around to spend on lawyers, according to new data.

Russian beauty queen awarded multi-million pound payout in bitter divorce battle
She has been handed a £3.3 million divorce payout after a judge ruled she could not “reasonably” be expected to live too far from her familiar surroundings of Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Divorcee Michelle Young to be sued over financing of bitter legal battle
Saga of divorce battle takes extraordinary new twist as financial backers plan to sue her for breach of contract.
Wives deliberately misled by ex-husbands seek new divorce settlements
Two women who were duped into accepting 'unfair' divorce settlements, based on false information provided by their ex-husbands, are to ask the Supreme Court to tackle dishonesty in family proceedings and overturn their court orders in a three-day hearing.

Four out of 10 divorce petitions contain errors and are returned by courts

The statistic was quoted on Tuesday at a briefing session on a new divorce hub for London and the south-east, which is expected to handle 40% of all divorce work in England and Wales.

Crackdown on pension payout loophole 'will mean bitter divorcees can't steal ex-spouses' pots'
The Government says it could amend new pension rules to stop bitter divorcees exploiting a loophole to leave exes penniless. 

Gingerbread welcomes Labour commitment to review Child Maintenance Service
The Labour Party says it will bring forward a review of the CMS.

Law Commission starts work on review of law of marriage
The Law Commission has started the scoping phase of its review of the law of marriage. The Commission expects to publish a report at the end of 2015.

Divorcee who won £10m, but says ex-husband cheated her out of millions more, wins right to appeal
A divorcee who claims her ex-husband cheated her out of a multi-million-pound fortune has won the right to reopen their divorce battle in the Supreme Court.

Changes to the divorce process: 11 new divorce centres set up
HM Courts & Tribunals Service has taken the decision to create 11 divorce centres, with the vast majority of uncontested decree nisi applications being considered by Legal Advisers (rather than district judges) at those centres.

Wife loses £2million divorce battle because she signed a 'post-nup agreement'
A judge heard William and Caroline Hopkins, who had lived together near Wincanton, Somerset, married more than three decades after starting an affair, but separated after less than three years.

Wife awarded 80% cent of husband's property in divorce ruling
A millionaire businessman has claimed a divorce ruling that gave his ex-wife 80 per cent of their property has left him too poor to get on London’s housing ladder.

Seven grandparents a day seek court order to see grandchildren
The Government should shoulder the blame, says National Family Mediation.

Divorce man 'not on same planet' says judge
A highly successful businessman from the United States 'not willing to pay a penny' in a multimillion-pound divorce battle has been told by a judge 'I am not sure you and I are on the same planet’.

Government says absent parents now paying maintenance cash at record levels
The number of absent parents who are now paying towards the cost of their children through the CSA has hit an all-time high, claims the DWP.

Former beauty queen complains she is too poor to decorate dolls' houses
A former beauty queen embroiled in a divorce battle with the multimillionaire chairman of Laura Ashley has complained that she can no longer afford to spend thousands of pounds on dolls’ houses.

Research shows a quarter of parents secretly consider divorce or separation
A quarter of parents have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner, according to new research from a charity.

Bury St Edmunds likely venue for centralised London and South East divorce centre
The Ministry of Justice has provided more information about centralisation for divorce processing in England and Wales.

‘Milestone tax breaks’ idea for married couples who stay together longer
Married couples should be given “milestone” tax breaks to reward them for staying together, the former High Court family judge Sir Paul Coleridge has suggested.
Judge uses Shakespeare's 'King Lear' to decide divorce settlement figure
A High Court judge who was attempting to decide the settlement figure in a divorce case admitted he turned to the works of William Shakespeare for help.

Fewer people use lawyers for family law cases
The proportion of family law cases in which both parties were represented by lawyers has almost halved since legal aid reforms were introduced.

Judge issues ultimatum after ‘absurd’ £1.3m family dispute
A judge has taken the unusual step of removing most case documents from court and giving partners a final ultimatum to settle their separation dispute.

Government says 15% of parents contacting the Child Maintenance Options service choose an ‘effective’ arrangement
A report by the DWP has produced numbers and percentages of (what it terms) effective family-based arrangements made by separated parents after contacting the CMO service.

Legal aid procedures causing problems for the Family Court, says most senior family judge
The President of the Family Division says that problems with the quality of decision-making by the Legal Aid Agency, and the complexity of the process for applying for legal aid, is, in some cases, skewing the court process, and risks undermining positive outcomes for children and parents.

'Manipulative' tycoon ordered to pay ex-wife £17m
Describing the award as “restorative justice”, judge Sir Peter Singer said Didier Thiry, 53, was an “unprincipled rogue” who had shown a “sadistic side to his personality” since his relationship with Alisa Thiry broke down.

Reports claims divorce has 'devastating impact on children's futures'
Divorce can lead to the children of divided couples achieving poor exam results and turning to drugs to ease their stress, a report has found.

High Court judge calls for fixed pricing for financial settlements on divorce
Mr Justice Mostyn has said that people must be able to demand a fixed price for each of the phases of a financial remedy case (i.e. coming to a financial settlement on divorce).

ONS data shows marriage becoming 'preserve of the wealthy'
Marriage is rapidly becoming the preserve of the wealthy, twice as common among those safely in the top tax bracket as among the least well-off.

Couple rack up legal bills of nearly £1m fighting divorce battle (over assets worth just £2.9m)
A businessman and his estranged wife ran up legal bills of more than £900,000 while fighting over assets worth less than £2.9 million, a High Court judge heard.

Government announces free mediation for more separating couples
More separating couples will benefit from free mediation from 3 November, Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes has announced.

'Pay your child maintenance or damage your credit rating' says Government
Separated parents who fail to contribute financially to the upbringing of their children, face ruining their credit rating from next year.

Multi-million pound divorce 'can be heard in England'
A multi-million pound divorce between a wealthy Malaysian couple can be heard in an English court, a judge has ruled.

Fewer than one in four couples seeking counselling to save marriage
A new survey has revealed that fewer than one in four couples seeks professional counselling to try to save their marriage when they are going through a difficult time in their relationship.

Top family judge urges radical reform of family courts
The president of the Family Division has publicly questioned whether divorce should remain subject to judicial supervision.

Process to convert civil partnerships into marriages progresses
Couples in a civil partnership will have the option to convert it into a marriage before Christmas once regulations laid before Parliament yesterday are approved.

High-flying housewife seeks larger slice of ex's £11M fortune
Julia Hammans says she 'sacrificed' her career during marriage to husband Nicholas, who went on to become a partner in PWC while she is being forced to sell the family home.

Charity claims dramatic drop in parents applying for child maintenance help as charges begin
New government figures indicate thousands of parents are choosing not to seek help from the new government Child Maintenance Service because of new charges brought in this summer, warns the single parent charity Gingerbread.

Multi-millionaire mathematician faces an 'astronomical' £19m legal bill
Dr Martin Coward is set to incur what could be the most expensive divorce bill in Britain after losing his appeal over control of the hedge fund founded with his ex-wife.

Barristers warn that thousands of families have been shut out from justice since Government cuts
The Bar Council has warned that families across England and Wales have felt the full brunt of the Government’s civil legal aid cuts.

Centralised divorce processing due within a year says Judge
There will be fewer than 20 centres where divorce petitions will be issued by this time next year if the President of the Family Division's plans remain on track.

UK court annuls 180 Italian divorces registered to Maidenhead mailbox
One hundred and eighty Italian couples whose marriages were dissolved through fictitious residence in the Berkshire town have now had their divorces annulled by a British judge.

DWP releases latest data on the 2012 statutory child maintenance scheme
The data is for August 2013 to August 2014, covering the period when the scheme was open to new applicants with at least two qualifying children and the opening of the new scheme to all new applications on 25 November 2013.

Couples hit hardest by the recession are most likely to break up
The romantic toll of the recession has been revealed as research shows couples who suffered most during the economic downturn are eight times more likely to have broken up than those least affected.

Numbers of couples using mediation rises
Data from National Family Mediation (NFM) shows a significant rise in the take-up of its services in the first 6 months of 2014.

Government says 50,000 children will benefit in child maintenance shake-up
Single and separated parents who have previously received no maintenance from their former partner could start receiving payments for the first time, as reform of the child maintenance system starts to affect existing.

Legal aid cut for family courts 'damaging' for children
Children are being damaged by the rising number of estranged couples representing themselves in family court battles, a former judge claims.

Family courts unfair for litigants in person, MPs told
Litigants in person are not getting fair hearings, the Common’s Justice Committee heard this morning.

Divorce courts hit by delays as "warring couples opt to represent themselves"
Divorce taking three weeks longer on average than last year as impact of legal aid changes are felt, law firm claims.

Wife granted permission to appeal divorce agreement at Supreme Court
Alison Sharland has been granted permission to take her divorce case to the Supreme Court next June after it was found that her husband misled both her and the High Court over the value of his company.

Government launches last phase of new child maintenance system
The last of a series of radical changes to the child maintenance system was implemented on 11th August.

Britons living in United Arab Emirates 'liable to Sharia divorces'
The Foreign Office has warned British expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates they could face Sharia courts in divorce or child custody cases

Legal aid cuts have left family courts 'at breaking point'
People are facing child custody and divorce cases without proper advice as private arbitrations rise, says lawyer's body Resolution.

Husband given a 4-week suspended sentence for not making any lump sum or maintenance payments
Mr Justice Moylan concluded that Mr Prest had failed to make a lump sum payment of £17.5 million and periodical payments totalling nearly £300,000 a year to his wife and their four children.

Family lawyers should be 'incentivised' by government to refer clients to mediation
Data compiled by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reveals that family courts referred just 713 parties to publicly funded mediation in 2013/14.

House of Lords backs bill to make pre-nups binding
Peers have given their backing to a law making it easier for divorcing couples to resolve financial issues and make pre-nuptial agreements binding

Task Force wants Government to pay for mediation sessions
The Mediation Task Force set up to examine the drop in MIAMS (Mediation, Information and Assessment Meetings) and mediation referrals publishes its report.

57% of parents in law children proceedings are unrepresented
The number of unrepresented (i.e. acting without a lawyer to represent them) parents has risen by 57%.

Saudi prince has no state immunity from £12 million 'secret wife' claim, court rules
Decision by London court opens the way for a potentially embarrassing court case involving a British woman who claims she was secretly married to the late king of Saudi Arabia.

Public experiences of, and attitudes towards, the family justice system
Findings from the 2012 to 2013 Crime Survey for England and Wales examining public attitudes and experiences of the family justice system.

Family court case spanning 13 years is 'longest case' in history, judge says
A family court case which has taken almost 13 years is believed by a judge to be the longest running in history.

Separated parents are 'damaging' children by sharing their care, expert claims
Penelope Leach, a psychologist and one of Britain's best known parenting experts, has claimed young children can be 'damaged' by splitting their time between their parents if they are separated.

Facebook and Twitter used to track hidden wealth in divorce cases
Judges are granting permission for lawyers to trawl through people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts looking for evidence of hidden wealth during divorce proceedings

‘Children suffer’ as cuts to legal aid penalise parents in court
Almost half of all parents fighting to get access to their children through the courts are being made to do so without legal advice, family magistrates warn today

Child maintenance - parents 'must agree or face fee'
Thousands of letters are to be sent to single parents in Britain informing them of changes to their child maintenance arrangements.

Wealthy fashionista has second husband jailed over £45 million divorce dispute
Former model Alisa Thiry, who won £32 million in her divorce from her first husband, is in a battle with her second spouse over multi-million pound marital assets.

Accountancy firm writes 'extraordinary' letter to judge presiding over high-profile divorce case
Lawyers at Grant Thornton criticised Mr Justice Moor's decision to award property tycoon Scot Young's ex-wife £26 million.

YouTube videos help LiPs in family proceedings
Lucy Reed, barrister at St John's Chambers, Bristol, and author of the Pink Tape blog, and a team of volunteers have produced a series of three short videos which give practical advice to litigants in person.

World's 'biggest-ever' divorce settlement
The world's biggest-ever divorce is a 'hammer blow' to Russian oligarch ordered to pay $4.5billion to his ex-wife, says lawyer after six-year legal battle.

'Reforms to the family court cause delays and make access for public harder' lawyer claims
Wide-ranging changes, including the introduction of a single family court and compulsory mediation information sessions (MIAMs) for separating couples, were extended nationally last week.

Children who don’t live with two biological parents are as happy as those that do, research finds
Children living with a step-parent or a lone parent are as happy as those living with two biological parents, the British Sociological Association's annual conference in Leeds heard.

Husband kills wife's pet ram in bitter divorce battle
A wealthy businessman whose marriage ended after he killed his wife’s pet ram, has been ordered to pay her £170,000 a year in maintenance by a High Court divorce judge. 

Mediation is better – Government tells couples as top ten divorce courts are revealed
Thousands of separating couples are being urged to spurn confrontational courtroom battles and use mediation to sort out disputes as new figures reveal the ten busiest divorce courts in England and Wales.

Traditional British family a myth, academic says
The idea that British children grew up in typical two-parent families until the permissiveness of the 1960s has been challenged by an academic.

First couples wed as same-sex marriage becomes legal
The first same-sex weddings have taken place as gay marriage became legal in England and Wales on 29th March. Politicians from the main parties have hailed the change in the law.

'House husband' in £11M divorce battle wins right for case to be heard in UK
A stay-at-home husband who claims he sacrificed his own career so his wife, an investment banker, could continue hers has triumphed in a crucial round of their £11 million divorce battle.

Budget alters Capital Gains Tax position in relation to family homes on divorce
The Budget has made changes to the capital gains tax rules with effect from 6 April 2014 relating to properties which have been a main residence but are no longer occupied as such.

Government plans for midwives, GPs and registrars to help tackle family breakdown
Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions secretary, is examining series of new policies aimed at reducing the ‘stigma’ surrounding counselling and relationship support services.

One in ten fathers in Britain has doubts over the paternity of their children
Nearly one in ten British fathers harbour doubts over the paternity of their children, according to new research.

Decline of nuclear family may have benefits, says judge
A wider family made up of step-parents and half-siblings may provide a healthier environment for children, a leading judge has argued.

One in seven put off divorce or separation because of financial worries
A new study also finds that 25% of women will be reliant on their partner's pension when they retire, and that men and women are equally likely to get married for financial security.

Number of divorces in England and Wales increased in 2012
The ONS has released statistics for divorces in England and Wales in 2012 - the number of divorces in 2012 was 118,140, an increase of 0.5% since 2011, when there were 117,558 divorces.

Pre-nuptial agreements to be made legally binding?
Pre-nuptial agreements are to be enshrined in law under plans to revolutionise Britain’s divorce rules, it has emerged.
Family lawyers hit out at proposed increase in divorce court fee
Family lawyers' group Resolution has said there is ‘no justification’ for government plans to increase the court fee for a divorce from £410 to £750.
Millionaire asked ex-wife to stay on as housekeeper
A businessman who carried on living with his former wife after they divorced asked her if she would stay on as his housekeeper when he installed another woman in the home.
Top investment banking wife and stay-at-home husband in £11m divorce battle

House husband Weng Choy filed for divorce from his ‘breadwinner’ wife Lena Tan after a row on a New Year's Eve holiday in Singapore proved the ‘final straw’.

New data shows further decline in couples attending mediation
Freedom of information request reveals 45% year-on-year fall in mediation starts,

Judge pleads for warring family to end £1m legal dispute
‘Untold misery’ has resulted from the courtroom battle between Susan and Richard Shield and their children over who owns shares in the family company.

Gay couple to take legal action over marriage delay
A Barnsley couple has threatened the government with legal action over the delay in being able to turn their civil partnership into a marriage, 

High Court judge says manipulating parents cause 'untold damage' to children
Mrs Justice Parker has condemned social workers for failing to grasp how warring parents can manipulate their own children after a relationship breakdown.

Warring parents ‘in denial’ about effects of divorce on children
Netmums survey of divorced parents and their children shows effects on children more severe than adults realise.

Divorced wife 'cheated out of millions after husband failed to reveal assets’
A divorced wife claims her ex-husband misled her about the value of his computer software business to cheat her out of a multi-million-pound settlement.

English courts still top the league for generous divorce payouts
Judges in English courts have greater freedoms than counterparts in other countries when it comes to setting maintenance payments after divorce.

Wealthy family 'tearing itself apart' over divorce as £50m fortune hangs in balance
A divorce between a millionaire engineering tycoon and his wife of 43 years has rung up a £700,000 legal bill before the case has even gone to court.

Leading family law judge vows to open up family courts to the public
One of the country’s most senior judges has vowed to ‘open to the world’ the workings of the family courts and the shadowy Court of Protection.

Judge gives man £10,000 incentive to help his ex-wife find four pieces of 'missing' jewellery
Mr Justice Holman said his wife will get the extra cash from house sale proceedings if they are not found.

Charity claims children will lose out as government confirms child maintenance charges
The government has confirmed that it intends to deduct a proportion of child maintenance from families who need to use the new child maintenance collection service.

Relationship breakdown costs UK £50bn a year
A new group of politicians and charities call on the Government to create a national relationship strategy, reports The Telegraph.

Hundreds of Italian couples accused of fraudulently getting 'quickie divorces' in UK

Britain’s top family judge has been asked to cancel 180 divorces after being told the UK courts have been exploited in a massive ‘fraud’.


Number of cohabiting families continues to rise

There are now 2.9 million families in the UK where opposite sex couples are unmarried, according to latest ONS statistics.


Businessman's estranged wife will 'settle for £300m' in epic divorce battle

Michelle Young, the estranged wife of recently jailed businessman Scot Young, has told the high court in London she would settle for £300m plus legal expenses from her husband.


Figures show separating couples are rejecting mediation

The number of separated couples undergoing publicly-funded mediation has dropped by almost a third since the removal of legal aid from divorce lawyers in April 2013.

Tycoon’s ex-wife to cross-examine Philip Green in £400m divorce battle
Some of Britain’s most influential business leaders will be cross-examined by Michelle Young when the case comes to a climax later this month.

Clash between wife and mother-in-law behind £10m divorce battle
The ‘strong mutual lies ‘at the heart’ of a fight over a burgeoning dentristy empire spread across London and the home counties, judges heard. 

Adultery falls behind bad behaviour as leading grounds for divorce
However, claims of unreasonable behaviour have rocketed, an analysis of more than 5 million divorce cases has shown.

'Common law marriage' myth needs addressing, say MPs
MPs agree their consituents mistakenly believe in 'common law marriage' and think the law should be changed to provide greater protection for separating unmarried couples.

Lib Dems propose extra rights for separating unmarried couples
A shake-up of the law to give extra legal rights to unmarried couples who separate is set to be backed by the Liberal Democrat conference, reports The Independent.

Government claims more separated parents now paying child maintenance
The minister responsible for child maintenance hails the progress that has been made in separated parents accepting financial responsibility for their children.

Public no longer believe that marriage is 'the foundation stone of family life'
The belief that couples should ideally get married before starting a family has effectively collapsed within a generation, the British Social Attitudes survey shows. 

Judges 'favour badly behaved wives', says spurned husband
A property developer whose wife left him for the footballer Cesc Fabregas expresses exasperation over his divorce settlement.

Elderly opt to live together rather than get married
A major shift in attitudes toward the idea of “living in sin” among older people has led to a sharp rise in the number of pensioners cohabiting outside of marriage, an official study of census figures suggest.

Judge refuses to allow husband and wife to rekindle their marriage
A judge has refused to allow husband and wife to rekindle their marriage despite them both pleading for a restraining order to be lifted, saying they must first prove they can get on over the phone.

Wife awarded £54 million by judge - the biggest ever payout in a UK divorce
The award, in the case known only as M v M, beats the previous record of £48 million to Beverley Charman by insurance magnate ex-husband, reports The Standard.

Research indicates women become 'much happier' after divorce - men only 'slightly happier'
The study shows that women are significantly more content than usual for up to five years following the end of their marriages, even more so than their own average happiness throughout their lives.

Divorce rate of people aged 60 or over shows marked increase
ONS figures show that whilst the number of people getting divorced year has been falling steadily since the mid-1990s the number of those aged 60 and over divorcing has been rising.

Child Maintenance Service now open to new applicants with two or more children
The Government’s new Child Maintenance Service (CMS) is now open today to new applicants with two or more children – previously only parents with four or more children could apply to it.

Financial 'agony aunt' left penniless after losing court battle over ex-husband’s fortune
A former financial agony aunt left penniless and on the brink of homelessness has lost her battle to get more money from a man she divorced more than 20 years ago.

Judge begs couple to end 'financial suicide' in divorce battle which has already cost £860,000
Aloke Ray, 41 and Charoo Sekhri, 39, a lawyer and a doctor who have a combined wealth of around £4 million, married in 2009 and have a two-year-old son.

Report suggests divorce ‘costs £2,600 per year in expected retirement income’
People who are planning to retire in 2013 and have been divorced expect to retire with an annual income of £13,800 compared with £16,400 for those who have never experienced a marriage breakdown.

Britain’s biggest divorce battle nears end after seven years
Business leaders expected to give evidence in climax of tycoon Scot Young’s bitter dispute with ex-wife, Michelle.

Ex-wife sues lawyer for £15m over 'millions lost’ in divorce
An ex-wife is suing her former solicitor for £15 million, claiming that his poor advice cost her millions of pounds in a divorce settlement.

Lawyers warn that courts risk 'collapse' as surge in child residence cases follows legal aid cuts
The family court system is in danger of “collapsing in on itself” after a surge in the number of warring parents turning up in person to launch child residence cases because of legal aid cuts, leading lawyers are warning.

New video on YouTube ‘celebrates the role of both parents in separated families’
The Department of Work and Pensions have released a new video ‘celebrating the positive role that both parents in a separated family can play in a child’s upbringing’.

Law firm offers to help divorcing couples decide pet custody battles
A family law firm has launched a new service to help divorcing couples decide who gets to keep the pet.
Child maintenance reforms will 'penalise single parents'
Proposals to reform the child maintenance system will leave many lone parents worse off, causing children's welfare to suffer, research suggests says an article in Children & Young People Now.
Having debts increases divorce rate for older couples
Elderly couples who struggle with debt are more than twice as likely to suffer marriage breakdown than those whose finances are steady, the BBC reports that new research suggests.

Report says a million children in the UK are growing up without fathers
A million UK children are growing up without a father in their lives, the BBC reports a new report on family breakdown as saying.
Wife keeps overpayment of pension made as part of divorce settlement
The Pensions Ombudsman has determined that a divorcee need not repay to Scottish Widows an overpayment secured in her divorce settlement as a result of an incorrect transfer value.

High Court judge criticises evidence given by tycoons in divorce proceedings
Two hedge fund tycoons whose marriage “turned toxic” were accused by a judge yesterday of giving “tainted” evidence in their battle over the spoils of their failed relationship, reports TheIndependent.

Second marriages less likely to end in divorce than first marriages, new report suggests
The Marriage Foundation think-tank has produced a report indicating that second marriages are more stable than first marriages.

Law firm says women in cities get higher divorce settlements than those in the provinces
Wives living in small towns and villages get worse divorce settlements than those who split in big cities, according to new research.

Ex-wives on The Sunday Times' Rich List
Divorce has paid well for several women in Britain - Slavica Ecclestone topped The Sunday Times’  Rich List in the ‘richest divorcees’ category after she was awarded an estimated £740 million in 2009.

Divorcees need better understanding of pension issues, experts warn
A study has found that after getting divorced one in five (19%) women stopped paying into a pension altogether and a quarter (25%) reduced their savings.

Wife’s fury as husband in £400m divorce battle is freed from prison
The wife in Britain’s most high-profile, bitter divorce reacted with fury today after her husband was freed from jail and pictured partying with his model girlfriend in London.

Government funds “to support separated parents”
The Government says that over a quarter of a million separated parents in Britain are set to benefit from £6.5m of pioneering and innovative support to help them to work together for the sake of their children.

Help for divorcing parents who can no longer get legal aid
A pilot scheme has just been launched to help separating parents reach their own agreements. The  project which will operate in Crewe, Newcastle upon Tyne and Oxford.

Intelligent Divorce mentioned in both The Times and The Guardian
We were really pleased that Intelligent Divorce was mentioned in both The Times and The Guardian as an alternative to the traditional solicitor-led route to resolving finances on divorce.

Removal of family legal aid sparks warnings
Solicitors have warned that people may start "taking the law into their own hands" as a result of changes made to legal aid in England and Wales, reports the BBC.

Implementation of LAPSO removes legal aid from most family law cases
Monday’s implementation of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act means 210,000 fewer cases are now eligible for family legal aid each year.

Barrister ends up £8 million worse off after challenging divorce settlement
A barrister who took her ex-husband to court complaining that her £26 million divorce settlement was not enough has ended up £8 million worse off, reports The Telegraph.

UK's most senior judge voices legal aid fears
Legal aid cuts could make people feel they cannot access justice and then "take the law into their own hands", the BBC reports the UK's most senior judge as saying.

Intelligent Divorce in The Independent on Sunday
We were pleased to be mentioned in an article in yesterday's Independent on Sunday.

Case studies wanted for Intelligent Divorce
We are currently looking for a few people to be case studies for the Intelligent Divorce process, and hopefully then featured in the press. If you might be interested in this either call us on 0844 745 6850 or email melissa.chapman@intelligentdivorce.co.uk.

Legal watchdog says they get most complaints about family lawyers
There’s a (perhaps slightly sensationalist?) story on the front page of the Metro today, headlined ‘Cut-throat lawyers are milking vulnerable divorcing couples for tens of thousands of pounds, watchdogs are warning.’

Intelligent Divorce is featured in The Times today
We are featured in the In the City column, written by Edward Fennell, of The Times’ City and Law pages today.

Majority of non-resident parents paying child support
At the end of December 2012, the CSA live and assessed caseload stood at 1.12 million. In that quarter, 79.5% of all cases in which maintenance was due had either received maintenance via the CSA collection service, or had a maintenance direct arrangement in place.

Survey suggests divorcing couples often hide assetsNearly a quarter of divorcees questioned for a survey said they had tried to hide financial assets to "keep them secure", says a recent survey.

Del Monte chief agrees £15m divorce settlement
The high-profile divorce battle between the multimillionaire drinks magnate Vivian Imerman, nicknamed "The Man from Del Monte", and his estranged wife, Lisa Tchenguiz, has ended in a £15m settlement.

Shelter claims recession leaves 3.6 million separated couples living together
The crippling cost of renting or buying a home is forcing couples to stay living together after they have separated, a study reveals.

Report claims half of the 1.5m divorce settlements in the last 12 years may have been undervalued
Divorcees who separated in the past 12 years could have to hand over more of their pension income to their former spouse.

New research says divorce rate after ten years of marriage unchanged since the 1960s
An analysis of divorce statistics over the last forty years, which contradicts the common assumption that the divorce rate for all couples is higher than it was in the 1960s

Divorcing husband crashed car into matrimonial home
An architect facing a bitter divorce battle rammed a car into his matrimonial home and then set it on fire before declaring: ''She's not having the house”.

Caught only in a top hat: Victorian divorce scandals revealed
An adulterous Victorian wife successfully explained away incriminating evidence of her infidelity by claiming she was suffering sexual “hallucinations”, records of some of the 19th Century’s most scandalous divorce cases show.

Leading Judge condemns advice service cuts
Removing funding for a service that helps litigants in person on the day wide-ranging legal aid cuts take effect will create ‘absolute disarray’ in the courts, a former head of the family division has warned.

Sharia divorces could be allowed after legal ruling
Divorces settled by religious courts including Sharia are a step closer to being allowed under British law after a landmark legal decision.

Almost a third of family legal aid firms ‘consider pulling out’
More than 31 per cent of legal aid practices are considering pulling out of publicly funded work, a survey of 2,000 firms by the Law Society and LSB has revealed, the Solicitors Journal reports.

(Another) ex-husband jailed for failing to produce his financial details
Scot Young, the husband at the centre of one of Britain's biggest and bitterest divorce battles, has been jailed for failing to produce details of his wealth.

Man jailed for two years for hiding money from his ex-wife 
A tycoon accused of hiding a multi-million-pound fortune from his former wife in an acrimonious divorce battle has been sentenced to two years in jail.

New guidance on FDR court hearings
"I've just read the new Financial Dispute Resolution Appointments: Best Practice Guidance - about time something like this was produced."

Fewer marriages ending in divorce
Latest figures show that there were 117,558 divorces in England and Wales in 2011 - down by 1.7% since 2010.

Six 'strange but true' divorce facts
Bizarre stories from a divorce lawyer: "The classic divorce oddity honestly is the fight over ‘who gets to keep the dog?’. This is argued about in all seriousness more often than you think."

Poll finds even those divorcing think process is too easy
Getting divorced is too easy – even in the opinion of the majority of those going through the process themselves, a survey suggests.

Parental child abductions 'rise by 88% in a decade'
The number of children abducted and taken abroad by an estranged parent has risen by 88% in just under a decade, according to new government figures, reports the BBC.

Divorcing couple spend £1.3m on legal fees
A husband ran up a huge legal bill in a bitter divorce dispute he could not afford to fund, and should not have started, the High Court ruled.

New Government web app for separating parents
The Government has just launched a new web app, Sorting out Separation, aimed at giving free online advice tailored to the individual needs of the 300,000 families undergoing separation every year in Britain.

Couples in the ‘struggling middle’, who can't afford to divorceStuck in the 'struggling middle', more ex-partners are unable to take on the burden of running two homes - and counsellors warn that the problem is creeping up the income ladder.

Divorce lawyer says parents are 'brainwashing' children in custody battles
Warring parents are increasingly attempting to ‘brainwash’ their children to get the upper hand in custody disputes. 

New research challenges Government’s proposals on shared parenting
Government plans to introduce a presumption of shared parenting are well-intentioned but misguided, say the authors of new research into childhood experience of family break-ups.

Celebrities twice as likely to divorce as the rest of the married UK population
A new report from The Marriage Foundation finds that after 10 years of marriage the divorce rate for celebrities is 40 per cent. For the rest of the country, the figure is just 20 per cent over the same amount of time.

Judge warns that wives divorcing wealthy husbands can no longer expect large payouts
Wives who divorce wealthy husbands have been warned by the most senior family judge, Lord Justice Thorpe, that they cannot expect large payouts simply because they are used to an affluent lifestyle.

Will there be a surge in divorces as the recession recedes?Family lawyers have often said before that people postpone their divorce when economic times are bad - and then proceed with it when things start to look up financially.

Parents who don't pay child maintenance no longer risk jail
Absent parents who fail to support their children may no longer be threatened with jail after a court ruling against a Government body set up to pursue them. Senior judges said that the loss of powers would leave the child maintenance enforcement regime “almost completely emasculated”.

A leading family lawyers has called for more support from the government and judges to encourage separating couples to resolve disputes out of court.

Divorce rates are far higher among “modern” couples who share the housework than in those where the woman does the lion’s share of the chores, The Telegraph reports a Norwegian study has concluded.

What people think the most important considerations are when divorcing
The overwhelming majority of people believe that putting children's interests first, followed by avoiding conflict, are the most important factors if going through a divorce, according to a new survey from Resolution, the UK's association of family solicitors.

Brides with pre-wedding doubts more likely to divorce
Brides-to-be should heed their nagging doubts, a new study from the University of California shows, as nearly one in five women with cold feet before their wedding are divorced four years later.

New formula to settle divorce payouts?
Divorce settlements would be worked out according to a mathematical formula which would divide up a couple’s assets depending on income and how long they have been married, a major review has suggested, as reported in The Telegraph.
Guru to the stars in court over 'common law divorce'
A new-age guru to the stars, Simon Brown, is being sued by the mother of his child in a unique bid to secure a "common law divorce" payout, reports The Telegraph. She is claiming a share of his wealth or the £500,000 home they shared for more than 15 years, saying that they were "man and wife" in all but a legal sense.

Islamic tradition 'is no defence against divorce ruling'
A Muslim doctor who ignored a judge's order to pay his former wife £60,000 maintenance has been told by the Court of Appeal that he cannot rely on Muslim tradition to absolve him of his financial responsibilities.

Child support changes will impact on ‘100,000 families’
One in 11 families who currently get child support payments in England will lose out in a major shake-up of the system, the government's own analysis suggests.

Government's ‘radical vision’ to transform child maintenance system  
The Government has unveiled detailed plans for what they call a ‘new and radically reshaped child maintenance system’, saying there will be extra help for separated parents who want to support their children and new penalties for those who won't.
How many friends does divorce cost?
A guest post from Charlotte Friedman, the founder of the excellent Divorce Support Group - which we are great fans of.

Proposals for parents on benefits to pay more in child support
The Government is expected to announce today that non-resident parents on benefits will have to double the amount they pay on child support - from £5 to £10 a week.

Divorce app proposed by Government
Couples going through separation and divorce could be given access to a free 'divorce app', under a £14 million pound government plan.

Divorce legal aid cuts and access to good quality advice
The proposed cuts to legal aid for family law mean that less than 1 in 6 of the number of cases currently receiving legal aid would be eligible under the new eligibility criteria.

Bypassing the courts #2
An article in The Observer yesterday, highlighting the blockage in the family courts discussed here before, and  mentioning the new Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and its scheme as a way of avoiding the courts.

Moving on after divorce
Well worth reading is an article on the UK Huffington Post site by Charlotte Friedman, founder of the Divorce Support GroupHow long does it take to get over divorce? There was also an interesting article in the Mail on Sunday's You magazine a couple of weeks ago, talking about people who manage to stay friendly with their ex-partners - read it here.

Women marrying 'down' might lead to fairer Court decisions
Women are apparently more likely to marry ‘down’ than ‘up’ I read in The Times over the weekend. 
Research from the Institute for Public Policy Research found that 28% of women aged 28 to 33 at the beginning of this decade married someone of a lower social class than them, a rate higher than at any time before. 

Why divorce should be no-one's fault
A few snippets. At the Resolution conference last week the President of the Family Division, Sir Nicholas Wall, called for ‘no fault divorce’.

Are the Courts worth a gamble?
I had a hugely enjoyable few days at the Cheltenham festival last week. As usual I lost more than I won but a great spectacle and cracking good fun. As ever though when I go near a bookie I am oddly struck by how much a bet on the horses can resemble the experience of going to court to ask a judge to resolve your divorce and finances

Why splitting up shows things are actually getting better
The ONS produced the provisional marriage figures for 2010 this week, which showed marriage up by nearly 4% - although they qualified them by saying the increase may have been because less people were married abroad, and because 2009 saw the lowest marriage figures since 1895.

Divorce: 'who gets to keep the dog?' and other factoids
Six 'strange but true' divorce factoids (pace Steve Wright in the afternoon). The classic divorce oddity honestly is the fight over ‘who gets to keep the dog?’. This is argued about in all seriousness more often than you think.

A new way to bypass the Court system on divorce
Two pieces of family law news in the last seven days worth noting – the launch of the family law arbitration scheme and the announcement of QCs for this year. 

Divorce and divide the money by two? Not always
There is a commonly held view that divorce lawyers only ever need to divide by two to get to the answer for a financial settlement – isn’t that what always happens? Sometimes it is true, but more often than not it is not.

Shared parenting after divorce: should it be made compulsory?
The Government has recently published its response to the Family Justice Review. One of the areas considered by the Family Justice Review was shared parenting after divorce – specifically, whether to create new legislation meaning that both parents are automatically given contact to their children after they divorce.

Advice when you are divorcing - but not if you're poor
Jonathan Djanogly (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice) said today that he did not believe the proposed changes to family legal aid would result in more litigants in person – hee hee hee.

Can you divorce politely?
I have just come across an unusual new book published by, of all people, Debretts and  entitled Debrett's Guide to Civilised SeparationThe idea behind the book is to advise people how they should behave when going through a divorce and the etiquette of divorce generally. 

Help for people divorcing - in a box...
Divorce in a box is the brainchild of Suzy Miller, the woman behind the Starting Over Show. When I first heard of this through my collaborative law pod (a group of local lawyers who practice collaborative law) I was intrigued and wondered what it was all about.

Why children lose out in divorce
Today one of my clients showed me, just before a round table meeting, an article from The Telegraph article about the government’s recent proposals to have a presumption in favour of separating parents each having contact to their children. 

Victorian ideals - or an idea for our time?
A couple of years ago I heard a lecture given by High Court Family Judge Paul Coleridge at the Resolution (the association of family solicitors) annual conference, in which he made an impassioned speech about the breakdown of family life and society generally and the effect that was having on children across the country. 

A rising divorce rate? Er…..no...
The 5% rise in divorce rates announced on Thursday took many people by surprise, myself included.

How personal do I get when first meeting a client?
I was struck last week at what a traumatic experience the whole process of divorce can be. I know that sounds a bit silly given that I am a divorce lawyer - but sometimes it is very easy to forget. It was brought home to me by initial meetings I had with two new clients.

Two important developments in family law over the course of the last week and a new player in the market….
The Family Justice review was published last week. It proposed wide ranging changes to the Family Justice system which, if the government is brave enough to adopt them, are likely to change the face of family law fundamentally - and for the better.

Blowing our own trumpet a bit ... and some thoughts on ADR
Normally on this blog I don’t talk about Intelligent Divorce or the people behind it. But I hope I will be forgiven for doing so today as there have been some fairly exciting (for us) things going on.

Justice for families? I don't think so
Sometimes you read something and you think to yourself – I completely agree and I can’t improve on it. I saw the following on Family Law Week today...

Why take the risk?
I really do question why anyone would want to go to court. Looked at rationally it is barking mad. 

All of a sudden it's not "for richer for poorer"
recent divorce case has set an unusual example, which goes against received wisdom for anyone from outside the industry, in deciding that a husband can keep a substantial amount of the money he inherited from his father.

Does this sound familiar?
Couples have been deferring divorce because of the recession - it's just been too expensive to separate - but this article from The Independent hints that things are about to change

The difficulties of Form E: what I tell my clients
Form E is a difficult, intimidating form to complete as it is almost 30 pages long. Here a solicitor gives you his advice on how best to deal with it. 

A lesson on realistic expectations
Marilyn Stowe, a well known family law solicitor and blogger has recounted a tale illustrating the need for realism in your expectations in a settlement.

Brief musings: Why you shouldn't DIY when it comes to divorce
A London lawyer and blogger, Victoria Walker, has a pop at DIY divorce services - but gets attacked by her readers.

The first rule of splitting up - check Facebook
A warning for all potential divorcees on the dangers of Facebook from a lawyer talking to the industry magazine. Law Society Gazette. Is Facebook becoming the rich, and easy, new seam of damaging evidence for your ex?

What could happen during your day at Court
John Henley spent a day observing the delays and frustration of attending court. A salutary lesson one would have thought and to be avoided at all costs.